Now supporting Young People of all genders

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The trustees of The Pain Trust are pleased to announce that the trust is now able to award grants to all young people, rather than just boys and young men.

Following consultation with The Charity Commission, the trustees voted unanimously in December 2020 to remove the “boys and young men” criteria, a condition stated in the deeds of the trust since it was established in 1978. The necessary legal processes were completed in November 2021 enabling the trust to consider and award grants to young people regardless of their gender.

Howard Mallett, Chair of Trustees, said “This is a historic moment for The Pain Trust which enables us to provide financial support to even more young people from the Exmouth and East Devon area. The original deeds were based on the wishes of Mr Pain when he passed away in 1971. The other trustees and myself are very proud of the changes we have made 50 years later, and believe that had Mr Pain been alive today he would have been in support of these changes.”

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