Applying for funding

Before you apply for funding from the Pain Adventure Trust, please read the following information very carefully. 



All applicants must be male, however, they do not have to be part of male-only parties; 


Applicants must have reached the age of 10 but not exceeded 21. Please note, this criterion is applicable to the first day of the expedition/activity, not the date of application.


The home address of the applicant must be within the area of benefit, which is 8 miles of Exmouth Town Hall (excluding the west of the River Exe), and the whole area administered by East Devon District Council.


Applicants in full time education will need to declare the address of their financial provider (i.e. the parent/guardian); this will be taken as their home address irrespective of where they reside during the course of their studies. The home address must fall within the defined area of benefit for the application to be considered.


The Trust does not support activities which could be considered to be a part of the National Curriculum (which includes activity week at both primary and secondary schools).


All activities supported by the Pain Adventure Trust must conform with current safety legislation and, wherever possible, should be supervised by a qualified leader. Details of the elements must be outlined in the application.  Certain core activities must be overseen by nationally recognised qualified instructors, with an appropriate instructor to pupil ratio.  All applicants under the age of 16 must be under the supervision of an adult during the course of their expedition or activity.

Neither top-up payments nor retrospective applications will be considered under any circumstances.

Terms and Conditions


All sections of the application form must be completed. Any incomplete applications will not be considered for funding.

The proposed adventure should not have started/completed prior to the Trustees meeting. Retrospective applications will not be considered.

All successful applicants will be asked to submit a report within 6 weeks of returning from the adventure.


Applicants who are under 18 at the time of the commencement of the activity or expedition must receive the consent of their parent, or legal guardian. If no parental/legal guardian consent is forthcoming the application will be rejected.


The Trustees:

  • will reject any applications which fail to meet their safety criteria.

  • reserve the right to reject any applications, regardless of content and/or applicability.  

  • do not have to provide reasons for rejecting any applications.

  • cannnot provide funding for any activities which it considers to be within the responsibilities of the Government or Local Authorities.

  • will request a full refund of any grant which is used for purposes other than those stipulated in the application, or in the event of cancellation of the activity or non attendance of the applicant.

  • reserve the right to request evidence for activities which they have funded.  

  • accept no responsibility whatsoever for any aspect of the activity receiving funding.

  • are not able to provide funds for the purchase of equipment.


Proof of intention to travel will be required before any grant money is released (e.g. train or airline ticket).